Treatment fees are

90 euro (VAT inclusive):
Initial consultation and treatment 60-75 min
72,50 euro (VAT inclusive):
Follow-up consultation, 45-60 min
48,50 euro (VAT inclusive):
Short consultation/ear acupuncture, 30 min


You will be requested to pay the full amount in cash at the time of service, following which you will receive the invoice that you can send to your insurance company for complete or partial (depending on your insurance) reimbursement.

Insurance reimbursement

YĆ¼-Wen Tjiong is a member of the Dutch Medical Doctor acupuncture association (NAAV Nederlandse Artsen Acupunctuur Vereniging, which means that most patients with more than the basic insurance can have their insurance cover a big part of their treatment (please call your insurance company in time to see if you are covered and tell them you will get treatment from a doctor, member of NAAV).

Cancellation/ rescheduling

Cancellation/ rescheduling: A minimum of 24 hour notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling, or you will be responsible for 100% of the treatment fee. Cancellation fees are waived in case of emergency.

BSN Number

Since 2009 we are obliged by law to include your BSN number on the invoice. Therefore we kindly ask you to bring along legitimate identification (passport, driver’s licence, ID-card) on your first visit.