Yu-Wen Tjiong

Yu-Wen Tjiong (1975) studied medicine at the UvA (University of Amsterdam, 1993) and registered as a medical doctor in 2000. In 2003 she finished a two year clinical specialization in Geriatric Medicine (specialist for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases) at the Vrije University of Amsterdam (VU). She has a lot of experience and special interest in chronic diseases, neurology, rehabilitation after stroke, cardiovascular disease and pain syndromes.

In the last couple of years she gathered experience in the field of child development and growth, while working as a consulting doctor at the Centre for Child and Parent for children aged 0-4 years. She combined this work with her studies at the Academie voor Chinese Geneeswijze (Academy for TCM) Qing-Bai where she graduated after four years.

Nowadays Yu-Wen Tjiong works as a medical doctor at a hospital, and is happily busy with treating and supporting patients at her own medical acupuncture clinic. She also follows supplementary courses in Eastern and Western Medicine regularly.

Yu-Wen is married to Joey and together they have two sons, Oliver and Maximilian.


“Learning about TCM treatments like acupuncture really opened up a new world for me,” says Yu-Wen. “Combining them as complementary treatments to other treatments available in Western medicine works really well. For example to treat neurological diseases like reactivation after stroke, nausea and tiredness after chemotherapy for cancer, recovery after surgery or to improve quality of life in chronic diseases. In other cases, like chronic pain management, acupuncture can be a treatment on its own. Acupuncture isn’t a miracle cure, but a lot of complaints and diseases can be considerably improved.”