Intake, first appointment: 60-75 minutes

You will be asked to fill in/together with Yu-Wen, a comprehensive questionnaire regarding your medical history, medication and previous treatments. Please let us know if you are or could be pregnant, or trying to become pregnant or on to anticoagulant medicine (medication to stop blood from forming clots). We will take this in account while treating you!.


Examination and diagnosis
The Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis will be taken. If necessary, your blood pressure will be measured and/or other specific physical examinations will be done. We will then discuss your treatment options and come up with a personalised treatment plan.


Acupuncture treatment
A light acupuncture treatment (not so many needles, short duration of insertion) is usually given the first time.


Follow-up treatment: 45 minutes
Follow-up treatment(s) normally last 45 minutes. After asking some questions about your recent health and reactions to the treatment we will continue treating with acupuncture.


Short treatment/ear acupuncture: 30 minutes
In some cases it is possible to receive a short treatment for example when using earacupuncture to help quit smoking.

Treatment frequency

An individualised treatment plan is made for each patient. It is common to treat once a week for five weeks to start with, following which an evaluation takes place. When the effect is positive but not yet optimal, we may add another 5 treatments, to take place once every two weeks. Long-term and/or chronic complaints may take longer to treat (10 to 18 treatments).

Letter to general practitioner

With your permission, my intention is to sent at least one letter to your general practitioner regarding your acupuncture treatment. Thus we will be able to work together, if necessary in improving your health. There can of course be personal reasons not to share this information, just let us know.


The treatment consists of inserting very fine disposable needles into the skin. We only use sterilized and disposable needles. Usually the insertion of the needle is what you can feel, for most people it isn’t really painful. Following insertion, sometimes a slightly dull heavy feeling (not pain) may occur in the area that surrounds the needle or along the meridian course. This is absolutely normal and a desirable effect of the treatment


Moxibustion (using Artemesia Vulgaris or dried mugwort) treatment uses various forms of gentle heat to stimulate acupuncture points, this is often combined with acupuncture.


Applying a heated cup to the skin to create a light suction. It doesn’t hurt but it leaves temporary coloured marks on the skin varying from red to purple in colour, depending on the degree of blockage that hides in the body. After a couple of days, these marks will disappear. This treatment is used for example in case of fever or after catching a cold.

Chinese dietary therapy

Dietary advice based on Chinese dietary principles for improving health will be given when needed.